In parallel with the mission and vision of our company, to cater to the machining industry; precision cutting tools and tool holders about our country in order to provide quality and convenient service to the manufacturers of Albert Nakanishi has been the representative of Turkey companies Italy and Japan.

Our Machinery Services Include :

•Import and export
•Logistic support: transportation,warehousing, Distribution

Quality Control

Alberti, for more than 30 years , a head angle which is a world leader in the production of high quality company. A wide product range and project based product delivery, thanks to many important industries such as Aeronautics and automotive , has responded to the growing needs of the international market. Albert is seen as a symbol of confidence and uniqueness products all over the world.
Since its founding in the late 1930s additionally high-speed rotary cutting technology to the industry, and even surgery has developed. For 2006 sales of $ 163 million of the world with the dental appliance has become one of the leading companies in the market. Nakanishi , nowadays, high-speed rotary cutting technology together with the promotion of the most advanced technology in a leading company.

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